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Dealing With Issues: Neglect.

The shirking of one’s duties or responsibilities, whether to God or to other people. The consequences of such neglect are often serious.

The Israelites sometimes neglected their religious duties:

1) They neglected to support the Levites Dt 14:27 See also Dt 12:19; Ne 13:10.

2) They neglected the temple Ne 13:11 See also 2Ch 24:5; Mal 1:6-14.

3) Such neglect earned them the judgment of God 2Ch 29:6-9.

The Israelites sometimes neglected their social obligations:

1) They neglected to ensure justice Isa 5:7 See also Am 2:6-8; 4:1-3; 5:7-15.

2) Their leaders neglected their responsibilities Isa 56:10-12 See also Eze 34:1-6; Am 6:1-7.

3) God punished their neglect Zep 1:12-13 See also Isa 32:9-15.

Neglect in the NT

Warnings against neglect 1Ti 4:14 See also Mt 23:23; Lk 11:42; Mt 25:14-30; Lk 19:12-26; Lk 12:35-48.

Examples of neglect:

1) The neglect of salvation Heb 2:1-4.

2) The neglect of public worship Heb 10:25.

3) Sodom’s neglect of the poor Eze 16:49.

4) The neglect of widows Ac 6:1-4.